We handle the technical operations of vessels, both aboard and offshore. The duties include,(but not limited to)crew management, logistics related to operations, planning and executing maintenance for machinery and equipment on board for both trading vessels and vessels heading for demolition .

As part of Technical Management, we also take care of compliance to safety, insurance, quality and environmental standards, risk assessment, and feasibility project management, among other services.


Auburn Shipping is a full service shipping agent that assists cargo interests in commercially managing their cargoes by assisting in the chartering of vessels with Auburn playing the role of Ship Rental Intermediary. We provide chartering services for oil/chemical cargoes and soild bulk cargoes.


Our services include:

  • Chartering Vessels with Auburn as Ship Rental Intermediary
  • Commercial Management of Ship Rental Agreements
  •  Loading and Unloading Services
  •  Crewing Services


Crew Management (or crewing) is essential to the successful management of any vessel. This is because, Crew Management ensures that only the right people with the right qualification, training, experience, and attitudes are in charge of handling our client’s vessels.

Our Crew Management services cover the various activities undertaken by the crew aboard the vessels, as well as related shore-based administration. We take care of everything, from training to documentation and certification.


Auburnships is an offshore shipping company that provides flag documentation for Panama, Liberia, St. Kitts & Nevis, Palau, Bahamas, Marshall Islands, Vincent & Grenadines, Honduras, Gabon, Hong Kong , Singapore etc. among others.


We are specialists in the documentation of ships and cargoes in international waters and ports. Auburnships provides a complete service to our clients regarding all aspects of ship’s documentation including:

  • Documentation of Ships
  • Consent to Operate Ship (CTOPS) – Ship Management
  • Operating Permit – Ship Management
  • Cargo Documentation – Ship Management
  • Ship Management Sub-Contracting Services